sexta-feira, dezembro 10, 2010


Poderá ler-se aqui uma tabela-síntese dos resultados globais do chamado relatório PISA da OCDE, coligidos através de exames realizados em 2009.

Alguns excertos do seu sumário, que merecerão alguma reflexão :

The survey, based on two-hour tests of a half million students in more than 70 economies, also tested mathematics and science.

The province of Shanghai, China, took part for the first time and scored higher in reading than any country. It also topped the table in maths and science. More than one-quarter of Shanghai’s 15-year-olds demonstrated advanced mathematical thinking skills to solve complex problems, compared to an OECD average of just 3%.

Some OECD countries saw strong gains in reading literacy, most notably Chile, Israel and Poland, but also Portugal, Korea, Hungary and Germany.
In mathematics, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Germany saw rapid improvements.
In science, Turkey, Portugal, Korea, Italy, Norway, the US and Poland showed the biggest improvements.

Girls read better than boys in every country, by an average of 39 points, the equivalent to one year of schooling. The gender gap has not improved in any country since 2000, and widened in France, Israel, Korea, Portugal and Sweden. This is mirrored in a decline of boy’s enjoyment of reading and their engagement with reading in their leisure time.

The best school systems were the most equitable - students do well regardless of their socio-economic background.

Schools with good discipline and better student-teacher relations achieve better reading results.

Public and private schools achieve similar results, after taking account of their home backgrounds.

Combining local autonomy and effective accountability seems to produce the best results.

Quanto ao conhecimento científico revelado, uma sucinta comparação com outros países :

China-Shangai : 575
Finlândia : 554
Estados Unidos : 502
Média OCDE : 501
França : 498
Portugal : 493
Itália : 489
Espanha : 488
Grécia : 470
Brasil: 405
Albânia : 391

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